Cream handwoven cushion cover with chunky stripes of roving merino wool
Throw pillow cover hand weaving with chunky stripes and pom poms in natural merino wool
Three cushion covers with diferent designs of handwoven chunky merino wool
One side of chunky merino wool handwoven cushion cover with pompoms at the edge
Pom poms side of cushion cover handwoven  in chunky merino wool
both sides chunky pillow cover with pom poms in natural  wool color
Closely detail of handwoven cushion cover with roving stripes of merino wool
Both sides of middle cushion cover with roving stripes texture
Cushion cover handweaving with roving stripes texture of merino wool

Throw Cushion Cover Textured Merino Wool Artemisa

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The ARTEMISA Cover Pillow is a dream addition to your favorite room. Handwoven with sustainably sourced merino wool with varying textures and a unique pom pom trim, this pillow is both elegant as well as playful with an aesthetic that will perfectly compliment your living room.

Bring daydreams of fresh air and open pastures to life with a pillow that shows off your expertly curated design style. From modern and trendy to effortlessly chic, this pillow is the perfect accent piece to make a unique statement in your home.

The back is made of organic cotton all machine sewed with invisible zipper.

SIZE: Multiple sizes

With pom poms: 53 x 57 cms / 20 x 22 inches

Without pom poms 49 x 49 cms / 19 x 19 inches

MATERIAL: 100% Merino Wool - Organic Cotton

COLOR: Ecru.

CARE: Hand wash in cold water with neutral soap. Lay flat to dry.

MADE TO ORDER: ships in 4 weeks

- This listing is only for the cover -