Texturable is a brand born from the absolute love and respect for nature. It started with my desire to share this concept and the bond I have with the farm I grew up in with everyone else. This desire, combined with my creativity and curiosity for the experimentation with textures, led me to fund Texturable. The essence of the brand is the texture provided by the materials, which beat and express themselves in every product; reflecting my roots, my people, my history and my country. Our products fill homes with reminiscences of the countryside, nature and simplicity.

Texturable is a family business that holds tight and essential connections with its employees. I proudly work with rural women that weave and spin for a living and farm workers that care for the sheep whose wool will become the main material in each of our products.

Most of the wool used in my collections comes from sheep raised in ‘Las Moras’, our family farm located in a small town called Cerro de las Cuentas in Uruguay. In ‘Las Moras’ sheep are free-range feeding from naturally grown grass, thus assuring the production of organic wool.

By being involved in every step of its production, we create special handcrafted items. We work with the wool from the sheep to the thread; hand-dying only with natural dyes or native plants, like yerba mate.

At Texturable we are committed to design products using materials of the best quality, following the details of its manufacturing and working hard to create unique items, made with love in Uruguay.