Uruguay teje Community Knitting Project

A community project by Texturable 

Bringing talented makers from Uruguay together, empowering their craft and broadening their opportunities. There’s always been a strong connection with craft in our country. Traditional techniques, a lack of high-end machinery, a rather slower pace of life and a solid wool farming scene, have set the tone for a community that values all that is made by hand - especially if it includes soft, luscious yarn.

The initiative 

At Texturable, we thought it would be a great idea to harness this collective power, so we called all knitters/weavers/macrame makers/crochet makers/felt makers, etc for a very special community contest.

The goal is to select the best Uruguayan makers and give them the opportunity to show us all what they can do. We already selected 30 artisans from hundreds of participants, who have moved to the second stage of the contest, where they get to design and create a homeware product, that will then be sold on our platform.

When times are hard, we feel the best way to build back is together. So in an attempt to help them set up or improve their own brands, we want to share the learnings that we’ve collected over these past ten years as a brand. We want to use our international platforms as a catapult for new makers, and help them earn a living from their craft.

“Solidarity knits a net among all the people that practice it, making everyone in it, stronger”

Claudia, Founder of Texturable

As part of our initiative, all makers will receive training in design, marketing and branding, as well as wholesale and e-commerce, by local experts who have joined our initiative and have offered their time and skills to the community. They also get to share their process with our founder Claudia, who will be at hand to assist and give feedback along the way.

Each craftsmen/craftswoman will receive the yarn needed for their product, made in 100% locally & ethically farmed virgin wool, to create fully biodegradable products. The material will be kindly given by our partners who also choose to take part in this initiative, enabling the development of the makers and the wool industry as a whole.

Would you like to follow their journey? Check our regular updates over on Instagram to see what these new makers are up to.

Soon, you will get to meet them and find their designs for sale on our website, so you can support them too. All proceeds from sales will go straight to the makers.


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