7 chacras meditative tapestry in merino wool felted with organic dyes
tapestry detail with chakra's organic dyes
piece of felt wall hanging showing three chakras
Felt wall hanging tapestry with 7 chakras design

Meditative tapestry 7 Cakras by Paulina Gross

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When a decorative item gives us beauty, contemplative moments, introspection, and meditation, we could say it is a complete design. This tapestry is made of wet merino wool felt in its natural color with embroidery interventions with punch needle and natural dyes.

Inspired by the 7 Chakras balance search, this tapestry will bring harmony and peace to your spaces. Each chakra of the tapestry was dyed with different plants and peels such as avocado, onion, rosemary, Rubia tinctorum, cabbage, and logwood.

The artist found a perfect balance using different handcrafted techniques in ideal combination with contemporary design.

ARTIST: Paulina Gross from @lapasionaria.uy

SIZE: 40 x 190 cm / 16 x 75 inches

MATERIAL: 100% Uruguayan Merino Wool, natural silk and linen yarn, and wood

COLOR: Natural Ecru and accents of colors

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URUGUAY TEJE is a solidarity project. All proceeds from sales will go straight to the makers. Do you want to know more about this project? Read about it here.

CARE: Air in the sun once or twice a yearIt is recommended not to wash in order to preserve the natural colors and avoid bleeding. To remove stains, clean that spot only with water and neutral soap, rub and rinse with warm water. Dry with a towel and hair dryer.